🤖Starting up the main bot

Discover BlackSwanAI's telegram bot: sophisticated AI trading to define the future of your crypto trading. Your transformation starts here.

Chad tip: The bot can be used on mobile or desktop meaning your blackswan instance can be setup and deployed all from within telegram.

If you are comfortable with setting up the openAI and exchange API credentials, or if you already have, then you are ready to deploy an instance of the bot which can be found here

Chad Tip: The bot only connects to your wallet to verify your BlackSwan balance - no permissions are required

  1. Go to the telegram bot and click on Open Bot Wizard to bring up the setup screen

  2. Connect your wallet containing your 25k or more blackswan tokens (se above)

  3. Once connected click the setup button

  4. Input your OpenAI API key, choose your exchange and add the exchange credentials in. This will be either your API key and Secret and for Kucoin it will require the API passphrase. If you used dYdX there will be a total of six credentials to input as explained in the dYdX section.

  5. Select twitter accounts you want to follow, or simply click the 'Follow All' option

  6. Enter your Channel ID - This is a telegram channel you should create to receive your news and blackswan trading notifications in

  7. Enter your Channel Bot token - you want to create a bot using Botfather and copy the token from there once you have generated a bot.

  8. You will also need to make another telegram group and bot token for managing your bot instance after deployment. Create this group and bot token and enter them in at the bottom

  9. Click continue to next step.

Chad Tip: You will need to use botfather to create your two bot tokens. To get the channel id you can forward a message from the channel to https://t.me/myidbot - to get the group ID simply add the IDbot to your group and type /getgroupid to get your management group ID This process may seem long-winded but remember that you will only have to do it once

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