✨Blackswan Features

Explore BlackSwan's Features: AI-driven trading precision meets user-centric strategy in the crypto space. Unlock your trading potential here.

Customizable Trading Strategies

Users can tailor their trading strategies to precise specifications. Whether it's selecting specific news events to act upon or setting the trade size, leverage, direction, and coin pairs, BlackSwan AI's platform allows for a high degree of personalization to fit individual trading philosophies.

Intelligent News Analysis

Utilizing the sophisticated GPT-3 model, BlackSwan AI analyzes news from multiple sources in real-time, giving traders the advantage of responding instantaneously to market-influencing information.

Cross-Platform Integration

BlackSwan AI's roadmap showcases its commitment to growth and adaptation. It details a progression through several phases, each adding new featuresβ€”from token-based monetization and social media monitoring to sophisticated sentiment analysis and predictive AI capabilities.

Fully Automatic and manual modes

BlackSwan AI empowers traders with the flexibility to engage the cryptocurrency markets on their terms through Fully Automatic and Manual Modes, designed to cater to various trading styles and levels of engagement.

Forward-Thinking Vision

Looking to the future, BlackSwan AI aims to continuously evolve, seeking innovative ways to merge market data analysis with trade execution. The long-term goal is to craft the ultimate trading bot that can hedge against risks and utilize public information for the smartest trades possible.

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