The following page outlines how to setup your dYdX account and get the required credentials

For setting up your dYdX account KYC is not required, however there is a different process to obtaining your API credentials when compared with the other CEX we support.

Chad Tip: Although the following setup process seems more complicated than the other exchanges, it more than makes up for the fact that KYC is not required on dYdX. Moreover, you should only need to do this once.

  1. Navigate to the dYdX exchange page https://trade.dydx.exchange/

  2. In the top right click Connect Wallet. We will assume you are using metamask

  3. First to verify ownership and click 'Send requests' and sign the transaction in your wallet

  4. Sign the following transaction to enable trading

  5. If a popup appears saying 'Action Required' click 'I am an Authorised Trader'

This completes the account setup phase, then to get your credentials follow the next steps. We have included an image to show you the flow where each numbered step is highlighted in the image.

  1. Now to get the required keys you need to go to your broswer console (CTRL+SHIFT+I in most) and then click the 'Application' tab

  2. To the left under 'Storage' Click 'Local Storage'

  3. Click https://trade.dydx.exchange/ - If you did this correctly, you will see a list of Keys and Values

  4. Locate API_KEY_PAIRS in the Keys list

  5. Copy the text in the Value box. it should contain walletAddress, key, secret, passphrase - these correspond to the manager wallet, api key, api secret and api passphrase when you go to setup your bot - store them somewhere safe

  6. Locate the STARK_KEY_PAIRS in the key list

  7. Copy the text in the value box. It should contain publicKey, privateKey and publicKeyYCoordinate - These are the STARK keys required when setting up your bot

In total you need your wallet address linked to the dydx account as well as 6 credentials for using dYdX in blackwswan. Keep these secure!

Make sure you have deposited onto the exchange before you try to trade. The trades are executed using the exchange account balance rather than the wallet address balance.

Chad Tip: Store these keys safely and do not give them to anyone else as they can be used to trade on your behalf.

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