🤖dYdX manager

If you have your instance running using dYdX exchange the BlackSwanAI controller bot will allow you to enter the dYdX Manager menu

This section will outline some of the features of the dYdX manager menu on the controller bot.

To enter the dYdX instance manager click the button show in the image below.

Chad Tip: The panel will not be accessible if you do not have the required dYdX credentials saved in your bot instance and will throw an error.

You will then be greeted with the following panel:

This will display the following:

  • Linked Wallet for dYdX account

  • Wallet Balance in ETH

  • dYdX account equity (in USD)

  • dYdX account balance (this takes open positions into account - higher leverages will give an overall negative balance)

  • A config checker showing a tick ✅ to confirm that you have the value present

  • If the account is synchonized with the bot, the dYdX account linked will show a ✅ as well.

You can refresh your account balance, view open orders, view open positions and view your order history all from within telegram.

Viewing open orders

Clicking Open Orders will show you any open orders. If there are none you will see the following:

Viewing Open Positions

Clicking on Open Positions will give you a summary as follows

Viewing recent orders/fills

Clicking on the Order History button will show you the last 20 fills on your account - note how the bot only displays 5 at a time, you can click previous 5 or next 5 to browse the order history.

As you can see, the new addition of having an instance management bot for manunal trading and dYdX settings gives you even more control of your trading. We plan to add more functionality to as we move towards phase 5.

Happy Trading!

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