This section outlines the conditions blackswan executes trades on. Remember to define the conditions carefully.

BlackswanAI uses conditions to decide on whether or not to open a trade. If the decision is met, the trade will open.

For this reason it is important to state the trading conditions explicitly and not attempt to use something too generic. This ensurely blackswan will only trade on those important market-moving news events. Below is an example of what we believe to be one of the best upcoming events to potentially trade on. The Bitcoin Spot ETF approval.

  1. First type your condition in.

  2. Select trade direction (we have chosen LONG here as we believe that news would cause a significant price increase)

  3. Collateral is if you want to use linear or inverse pairs. If you arent sure what this means, leave it set to linear

  4. Enter the pair - This should be the trading pair as its found on your exchange of choice. For example, Binance Futures for Bitcoin would be BTCUSDT

  5. Set trading amount - this is the NOTIONAL size - so for the trade above, it would use 200usd of margin for the 50x trade of 10000 USD

  6. Set your Take profit and Stop Loss levels

  7. Add another condition or deploy your bot

Chad Tip: You should use at least two conditions in your blackswan instance. For the example above with the ETF, you could add another condition to SHORT if the ETF gets rejected

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