📝OpenAI API access

Chad tip: Having an account with openAI is highly recommended even if you are not planning to use our product. The team at BlackSwanAI recognize that over the next few years, AI will become a very large part of our lives. What are you waiting for?


To use the BlackSwanAI AI news sniping feature you will need an an openAI API key. If you dont already have an account, we suggest you make one, this will prove to be another valuable investment as we enter a period where AI system become embedded into our daily lives.

First, create an OpenAI account or sign in. Next, navigate to the API key page and "Create new secret key", optionally naming the key. Make sure to save this somewhere safe and do not share it with anyone.

This process should take about 5 minutes or so and you shouldn't have to do it again. Once you have completed the above you can proceed to the next step of choosing which exchange to use.

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