📈Manual Trading

New feature added in Phase 4.5 release in November 2023 - ability to execute manual trades.

For traders who prefer a more hands-on approach, BlackSwan AI offers a Manual Mode. This feature provides a real-time newsfeed, where each piece of news comes equipped with manual trading buttons. These buttons are programmed with three presets that traders can customize based on their trading strategies. When a trader spots an advantageous opportunity, they can manually execute trades with these presets, giving them control over the timing and specifics of each trade. This mode is ideal for traders who value the flexibility to apply their own insights and intuition to trading decisions, complementing the automated intelligence of the platform

Chad Tip: The management group and token you used in the setup will be where you can modify both your manual trading settings, and in the case of dYdX users - you can view account balance and recent trades, open orders etc. This bot will be built out to be a full instance management console in time for phase 5

View and edit your manual trading settings

The Blackswan Contoller bot can be used to adjust your presents for the manual trading. Upon successful deployment you should get the following startup message. Click start.

To edit your manual trading settings click the option in the menu as shown below. If you are running your instance using DYDX the dydx manager menu will work also. This will be shown in more detail in the dYdX Manager section.

Once you are in the manual trading setting section it should look like the following image. It will show you which exchange you have your manual trading settings set up on then it will show you three trading presents, each with their own trade size, leverage, take profit and stop loss.

Note how the presents go in decending order of risk, hence the medal emojis for gold silver and bronze. We felt that a visual aid will help the decision making process when presented with multiple buttons in a news item

The edit exchange button will give you options of which exchange you want to use for your manual trading - the options will be based on which credentials you have put into the bot. Most users will only see one option in this menu.

Edit preset 1 2 and 3 will allow the user to edit the values associated with the trading presents. This part should be self-explanatory. an example of this is shown below

You can go back to the main admin panel once you are happy with your preset values.

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